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Producent: LEOVET
Leovet Tea-Tree Shampoo - Shampoo with tea oilFor shiny hair and healthy skinSoothes itching and reduces the inclination to scratch, has a sebum regulating effect and protects from blocked pores. Skin and hair stay healthy, receive optimal care and a silky shine. With a long-lasting fragrance.Glossy fur and healthy skin.It eliminates itching, wiping the turnip and mane.Supports protection against insect bites. Ingredients: Tea oil, detergents, antistatic and stabilizing compounds, preservatives, water. The compounds contained in tea oil have astringent, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antipruritic properties. They are characterized by a pleasant scent that at the same time effectively repels flying insects.The detergent removes dirt and exfoliating the epithelium, eliminating the cause of pruritus.The combination of tea oil and detergent regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, clears the gland's outlet, but does not stimulate it to increase the production of sebum immediately after bathing.Antistatic compounds give the hair fluffiness, a nice and healthy look.The addition of natural fatty acids from coconut oil prevents drying of the epidermisIndications: Leovet Teebaum-Shampoo is a condensed shampoo designed for horses to wash the skin, mane and tail hair.Application: Apply shampoo in a small amount to previously wet hair. Massage thoroughly and rinse thoroughly with water. Packaging: plastic bottles with a capacity of 500 mlExpiration date: 24 months.Store at room temperature.