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Treats for horses Leoveties Tummy Ticker - Treats for the belly 1000g ORANGE & OATS & BIO-MOS Actively - naturally delicious! So delicious - so healthy! Gently mixed with valuable ingredients at low temperatures: • Orange - classic supplier of vitamin C - high resistance. • oatmeal - a healthy source of energy with positive properties for the whole body. • Bio-Mos - supports intestinal health and their development and has a positive effect on the horse's performance. Analytical components: 11.40% crude protein; 3.70% oils and fats; 6.75% crude fiber; 7.00% ash; 1.25% lime; 0.40% phosphorus; 0.50% sodium. Composition: wheat: triticale; barley; Maize (open); Wheat bran; 5.10% pulp; molasses; sunflower seed meal; beet molasses, calcium carbonate; sodium chloride; * 1.00% yeast product from Saccharomyces cerevisiae; 1.00% oatmeal; aromas. Mixed fodder for horses. Feeding tips: up to 150 g per animal per day as a reward. Please store in dry and cold conditions. Expiration date at least to: / Chargennr .: see additional label.